WoW Moviewatch: Fifth Element Avengers

The latest from Fifth Element is hopefully not its last. Let’s just say… nothing has made me want to stop everything I’m doing and log into the game to play my Paladin right now as much as this video. It’s amazing. My jaw dropped. I cheered and clapped and laughed. It’s simply that good. And the timing’s perfect, considering certain movies coming out this weekend. This video is absolutely my favorite yet.



How to Find the Best WOW Guide

There are many World of Warcraft guide for the game. If you want to become the best player, you will want to buy a WOW guide. But it needs some techniques to decide which can be the best guide. Read on, you will find ways to make it.

The first is to look for with your guide is that the auction house gold mine is covered as you will want to need your WOW gold to do other things. If you have the right plan, you can get lots of gold through the auction house. So you guide should tell you what to sell, how to sell and when the best to sell. There are many auction house techniques that you can use to gain the most. Even the most experienced WOW player can struggle identifying all of the options available. This is why you want to find a guide to help you.

The second thing is that your WOW guide should cover is the best spots that can be found in the game. You should know how you can locate the best spots available and what you want to kill when you reach there. Also, you should know some ways to gather skills as all players want to be powerful and skilled as possible as they can. You will want your guide to highlight good gathering paths and spots for you to increase your skill level.

The third is the daily quest that you can take best use of. Some players want to do daily quests in order to make the WOW gold over auction house. Maybe you do not want to do the daily quests, you will want to find a guide that covers this as well just in case down the road you alter your strategy in some form or another.

There are many WOW guides to choose from online and in book stores. These tips can be vital for you to choose the best guide for your World of Warcraft game.


World of Warcraft Battleground Strategy Guide

In the World of Warcraft, arena gameplay is an exceptionally appreciated form of group style play and several players have their very own sights about battlefield method. Yet although the method for the battleground strategy is genuinely remarkable if the entire group does not operate well together then even the fantastic method will not reach the effect that you anticipated. So, when you play the game, you need to adhere to some certain basic guidelines to lead your group to the success and gain much WOW gold.

A significant part of your arena method is to use your buffs. Enthusiast your team and they ought to be buffing you. And you ought to keep in mind the success concerns the group. You must secure your healers as they play a crucial part in battlefield technique. So, you can easily establish your opposing group’s healers as your target in the fight.

You need to constantly keep in mind that the success constantly concerns your team. Construct a little army then work in objectionable and protective teams. You should safeguard all caught World of Warcraft area’s with a tough protective team. These must be several of the containers of your team, and feature a medicine man if you have one to exempt. And the velocity and long variety damages need to be the aspects of your offending teams. You need to by making use of stealth like rogue or monk in addition to lengthy variety damage dealers to assist you to clear the way if you want to reach your target. The lengthy variety dealerships ought to likewise double as healers whenever feasible.

Because your team is so highly effective, the interaction to the rest of your group is the trick to a successful battleground. You must point out your opposing group’s strengths and weakness. If your squad is succeeding, enable others know. If you discover that team-mates are not doing their component, and they are harming your group, then must be exposed. All in all, you need to keep in mind that the group durability is one of the most important in the battleground strategy.


Where to Farm Adamantite and Khorium Ore

Below you will find a World of Warcraft Adamantite and Khorium mining guide. The routes for Khorium are exactly the same as the Adamantite ones below. Khorium is a rare spawn that is typically found among areas where Adamantite can spawn. Farming for Khorium can be a difficult process but while gathering Adamantite you are sure to run into a few Khorium Veins on the way.

There is also a Gryphon icon used for these maps that represents areas that can only be accessed through flying. If you do not have a flying mount you will have to find a Warlock with one and two others to help summon you to these areas, but be warned, the mobs in these areas are always around level 70 and higher.

Where to Mine Adamantite and Khorium in Nagrand

Nagrand: Levels 64-71

There are a few very good spots to mine in this zone. The best spot is Warmaul Hill, there are a two good size cave systems up there as well as mines all along the hillsides. You could ignore the entire route and just spend your time at Warmaul Hill to get a supply of Adamantite and Khorium. The Burning Blade Ruins is another good area but there may not be enough mines to keep you busy. If you are working on grinding exp or skinning mobs for Knothide Leather then you can’t go wrong using the Circular Path around Oshu’gun. If you don’t mind swimming there’s a very nice lake near Sunspring Post (Lake Sunspring) that you can check out, along with the lake near the Throne of Elements (Skysong Lake). The best time to mine for Adamantite and Khorium is when you are questing in this zone. Your quests will lead you to all of the areas of this route from the Burning Blade Ruins, to the Southwind and Northwind Cleft caves, to Warmaul Hill, you will hit almost every area on this map while questing in this zone so why not be efficient and mine while you quest.

Where to Mine Adamantite and Khorium in Terokkar Forest

Terokkar Forest: Levels 62-71

The best Adamantite routes in Terokkar Forest are by flight only. Skettis in the southeast and The Barrier hills in the northwest of the zone are the best areas. If you don’t have a flying mount then at least perform the circle around Auchindoun.

Where to Mine Adamantite and Khorium in Blade’s Edge Mountains

Blade’s Edge Mountains: Levels 66-71

The best Adamantite routes in Blade’s Edge Mountains are also by flight only; the Crystal Spine in the north and the Vortex Pinnacle in the west are the best routes in this zone. If you don’t have a flying mount I don’t recommend this zone for Adamantite or Khorium mining unless you are here for another purpose like questing or farming Motes of Fire off the northeastern fire elementals.

Where to Mine Adamantite and Khorium in Netherstorm

Netherstorm: Levels 67-70

The hot points of Netherstorm are around Manaforge B’Naar, Eco-Dome Midrealm, and Manaforge Ultris. The edge of the island northeast of Area 52 is also good. I recommend performing the route on the island of Stormspire or the one that is on the island of Area 52 if you do not wish to follow the entire route across all of the islands.

Where to Mine Adamantite and Khorium in Shadowmoon Valley

Shadowmoon Valley: Levels 67-71

Shadowmoon Valley is one of the best spots to farm Adamantite and Khorium, but unfortunately like many of the other zones, the best spot is available only by flight and is the Netherwing Ledge in the southeast. Around Netherwing Ledge and inside the cave on that island you will find very good spots to farm. If you do not have a flying mount then focus on the area around Legion Hold, The Deathforge, and the cave south of Oronok’s Farm (Coilskar Cistern).

Where to Mine Adamantite and Khorium in Instances

If you are looking to find Adamantite and Khorium in an instance check out Shadow Labyrinth (69-72), The Underbog (62-71), The Steamvault (70-72), Sethekk Halls (67-69), The Slave Pens (62-72), and Mana-Tombs (64-66).

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Potential Patch 5.3 PvP changes from Twitter

If you’re even remotely interested in WoW PvP, and aren’t yet following Brian Holinka on Twitter, you really should be. We’ve been talking about him quite a bit lately here at WoW Insider, as he’s the main agent behind the huge PvP changes coming in in patch 5.3. He’s also incredibly responsive, open and helpful on Twitter, and seems to set aside a huge amount of his free time to respond to players’ concerns, and hold open and constructive discussions, while not being afraid to fire out some sarcasm crits on the trolls that often haunt those in his position.

He’s previously tweeted about the return of the skirmish system, and has been very responsive indeed about the 5.3 changes, and lately he’s also been discussing some more confirmed and potential changes in patch 5.3 and beyond.

Now, please do take these changes with a pinch of salt, these aren’t even PTR patch notes, but potential changes, some of which are being tested and appearing on patch notes, and some of which are just in the pipeline for the future.

Potential Battleground Changes

One thing that caught our eye here at WoW Insider was a very recent tweet regarding some changes in the the larger battlegrounds such as Isle of Conquest and Alterac Valley.

So this looks like a separate queue list could be considered for the larger, more epic battlegrounds, perhaps to cater to those who want the full experience of a longer Isle of Conquest or Alterac Valley and don’t enjoy the shorter, more PvE focused versions.

Do you think this would work? We like the idea of it here, as part of the frustration, sometimes, of random battlegrounds can be ending up in something that takes 45 minutes, when you only really wanted a fifteen-minute Warsong Gulch.

As Holinka adds, the longer battlegrounds will need to offer something to give players a reason to spend more time in them, perhaps higher honor rewards or transmog gear would be a good option, but either way, this is interesting stuff, and, what’s more, a way in which the datamined Defense of the Alehouse battleground could be fitted in to the rotation in future.


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WoW Pet Battle Tips

Now that pet battles have been in World of Warcraft for a while and players have had a chance to get used to them, it is time to point out some tips about pet matchups and how they will help the average pet battle player.

While many players know the basics of how Pet Battles work, meaning they know all about attacking, abilities, and healing after battle, many players do not understand the importance of selecting their pets and creating battle teams.  Many players also do not understand how critical it is to match up the proper pets against their enemies.

NOTE:  If you are still fairly new to pet battles, you can find all the basics in our Introductory Guide to Pet Battles in Mists of Pandaria.

Understanding Strong and Weak

All pet abilities have a note saying that they are “strong against” a certain type of attack and “weak against” another. A lot is really misunderstood about the strong against and weak against notes though.  It is a bit confusing because it is listed in several places.  Many players then over simplify it by trying to only match up the strong against or avoid the weak against based on just your pet’s family, or the pets abilities.

Really it isn’t as simple as a 1 to 1 relationship, due to the fact that you’re strong against isn’t necessarily that other pet families weak against family.  This means there are really 4 interactions to consider.

Strong Against – You deal 50% more damage against opponents of this type.

Weak Against – You deal 33% less damage against opponents of this type.

Therefore you could in theory also keep a pet out against a pet that is weak against you since you would be suffering 33% less damage.  The reverse applies as well, that you should not fight a pet type that is strong against you since they would inflict an additional 50% damage to you.  Neither of these situations are covered if you only consider which families you are strong or weak against.

There are two places  to check for these numbers.  The first is based on  your pet’s family type and the second is based on your pets’s abilities.

The Importance of Pet Family and Ability Family

As was made clear above when participating in pet battles which pet you send to fight is critically important.  Instead of just considering your strengths and weaknesses, make sure you consider the opponents strengths and weaknesses as well.  This table will help you better consider the impact of pet choice, you will want to fight enemies that you are strong against or that are weak against you.

You are… Enemy is…
Family Strong against (you deal 50% more damage) Weak against (you deal 33% less damage) Strong against you (you suffer 50% more damage) Weak against you (you suffer 33% less damage)
Aquatic Elemental Magic Flying Undead
Beast Critter Flying Mechanical Humanoid
Critter Undead Humanoid Beast Elemental
Dragonkin Magic Undead Humanoid Flying
Elemental Mechanical Critter Aquatic Mechanical
Flying Aquatic Dragonkin Magic Beast
Humanoid Dragonkin Beast Undead Critter
Magic Flying Mechanical Dragonkin Aquatic
Mechanical Beast Elemental Elemental Magic
Undead Humanoid Aquatic Critter Dragonkin

Family – Pet Type and Attack Type

Just to add further items to consider, it is important too note that the family type of the pet and the family type of the pet’s abilities are not always identical.

Example: A Bile Toad is Aquatic so should be strong against elemental and weak against magic. However, it has several abilities that are actually strong against undead and weak against flying.

This means that while it is best to start by considering the table above, you may have to adjust based on individual pets and abilities.

Pet Battle Team Composition Basics

Early on when you are first getting started with pet battles the best pets are mechanical and beast pets as they are great against the opponents that you are most likely to face.  That is because early on you are most likely to face beasts or critters.  Mechanical will shred beasts and beast are good against critters.

Later on once you have levelled several pets to level 10 or higher then the makeup of a group shifts a little.  You will want to ensure that you have pets of several different families on your team of three pets.  You will also want to make sure you have a fast flying pet as your starter so that you will get to go first, a heavy hitter that can deal a lot of damage that you can switch to, and a tank type pet with defensive abilities to last through your opponents heavy hitters.

It is also important to ensure that you have a variety of pet families so that you have a variety of strengths and weaknesses. You should try to ensure that each pet is strong and weak against different types of opponents and that they have several attacks that are different than each other so that you cover even more options.
lil tarecgosa

Best Pet Battle Pets

There are several pets that are viewed as being more powerful than others and that should be sought out.

One of the best pets to try to get is the Celestial Dragon, which can be earned by collecting 150 different pets.  At this point you will each the “Littlest Pet Shop” achievement and the Celestial Dragon.

Another great pet, but this one is extremely hard to get, is Lil’ Tarecgosa.  To get this pet you must be in a guild that has earned every single legendary weapon in the game, and then anyone in the guild can purchase this pet.

Last there are two pets that make up the last of the best pets out there and they are the Phoenix Hatchling and the Dark Phoenix Hatchling, both of which are found by defeating Kael’thas Sunstrider in the Magister’ Terrace instance.

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