My Interests

I can’t just copy other articles. I need to write something about myself, too. If you are interested, read on, please.

I’m talking about my interests here because it has something to do with what you might read here in my WordPress blog. However, it doesn’t mean you just can meet these topics here, the things I care will change a little bit some time.

Firstly,¬† I love games. I love games very much, including videos games, PC games, etc.. I will share some of my game experience here in my blog. My favorite game is World of Warcraft, WOW for short. I will something about it more often, I think, both my experience and the useful articles I’ve read from other websites.

Secondly, I like TV shows. My favorite TV shows are Sherlock (I can’t wait for Season 3!), The Vampire Diaries (I love Damon!), The Big Bang Theory (I’m into¬† it for a long time), etc. I will share some latest news and my ideas about them.

I will also share some quotes that inspires me, and something about movies, animes, comics, too.