Where to Farm Adamantite and Khorium Ore

Below you will find a World of Warcraft Adamantite and Khorium mining guide. The routes for Khorium are exactly the same as the Adamantite ones below. Khorium is a rare spawn that is typically found among areas where Adamantite can spawn. Farming for Khorium can be a difficult process but while gathering Adamantite you are sure to run into a few Khorium Veins on the way.

There is also a Gryphon icon used for these maps that represents areas that can only be accessed through flying. If you do not have a flying mount you will have to find a Warlock with one and two others to help summon you to these areas, but be warned, the mobs in these areas are always around level 70 and higher.

Where to Mine Adamantite and Khorium in Nagrand

Nagrand: Levels 64-71

There are a few very good spots to mine in this zone. The best spot is Warmaul Hill, there are a two good size cave systems up there as well as mines all along the hillsides. You could ignore the entire route and just spend your time at Warmaul Hill to get a supply of Adamantite and Khorium. The Burning Blade Ruins is another good area but there may not be enough mines to keep you busy. If you are working on grinding exp or skinning mobs for Knothide Leather then you can’t go wrong using the Circular Path around Oshu’gun. If you don’t mind swimming there’s a very nice lake near Sunspring Post (Lake Sunspring) that you can check out, along with the lake near the Throne of Elements (Skysong Lake). The best time to mine for Adamantite and Khorium is when you are questing in this zone. Your quests will lead you to all of the areas of this route from the Burning Blade Ruins, to the Southwind and Northwind Cleft caves, to Warmaul Hill, you will hit almost every area on this map while questing in this zone so why not be efficient and mine while you quest.

Where to Mine Adamantite and Khorium in Terokkar Forest

Terokkar Forest: Levels 62-71

The best Adamantite routes in Terokkar Forest are by flight only. Skettis in the southeast and The Barrier hills in the northwest of the zone are the best areas. If you don’t have a flying mount then at least perform the circle around Auchindoun.

Where to Mine Adamantite and Khorium in Blade’s Edge Mountains

Blade’s Edge Mountains: Levels 66-71

The best Adamantite routes in Blade’s Edge Mountains are also by flight only; the Crystal Spine in the north and the Vortex Pinnacle in the west are the best routes in this zone. If you don’t have a flying mount I don’t recommend this zone for Adamantite or Khorium mining unless you are here for another purpose like questing or farming Motes of Fire off the northeastern fire elementals.

Where to Mine Adamantite and Khorium in Netherstorm

Netherstorm: Levels 67-70

The hot points of Netherstorm are around Manaforge B’Naar, Eco-Dome Midrealm, and Manaforge Ultris. The edge of the island northeast of Area 52 is also good. I recommend performing the route on the island of Stormspire or the one that is on the island of Area 52 if you do not wish to follow the entire route across all of the islands.

Where to Mine Adamantite and Khorium in Shadowmoon Valley

Shadowmoon Valley: Levels 67-71

Shadowmoon Valley is one of the best spots to farm Adamantite and Khorium, but unfortunately like many of the other zones, the best spot is available only by flight and is the Netherwing Ledge in the southeast. Around Netherwing Ledge and inside the cave on that island you will find very good spots to farm. If you do not have a flying mount then focus on the area around Legion Hold, The Deathforge, and the cave south of Oronok’s Farm (Coilskar Cistern).

Where to Mine Adamantite and Khorium in Instances

If you are looking to find Adamantite and Khorium in an instance check out Shadow Labyrinth (69-72), The Underbog (62-71), The Steamvault (70-72), Sethekk Halls (67-69), The Slave Pens (62-72), and Mana-Tombs (64-66).

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