DICE ‘very interested’ in Battlefield 4 eSports

Developer says it is looking at competitive gaming support for upcoming military shooter; game won’t have any co-op.

DICE is “very interested” in eSports support for Battlefield 4, according to studio general manager Karl Magnus Troedsson.

“I can say that eSports is an area that we are very interested in,” Troedsson told Leutin09 in a new video interview posted on YouTube.

Troedsson did not go into any further detail, as only Battlefield 4’s single-player has been revealed that far. Still, he explained that eSports is a growing phenomenon and that it will be no easy task to pull it off in the final product.

“It’s not as easy as some game developers like to think; that’s it’s just that you do A, X, Y, and Z and everything is done. It’s actually much bigger than that now,” Troedsson said. “There are some people that actually see this as a new phenomenon and that’s not true either. It’s been around for a long time. It’s just recently that it’s really starting to take off…”

Troedsson further explained that Battlefield multiplayer has always been “very competitive” and “the heart” of every new installment in the series.

“And that won’t change moving forward,” he said.

Also during the interview, Troedsson revealed that Battlefield 3’s cooperative mode will not return for Battlefield 4. “We don’t have co-op in Battlefield 4. We have made that decision. We’re focusing everything we have on multiplayer and the single-player,” he said.

Battlefield 4 launches this fall for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC, but not Wii U.

By Eddie Makuch, News Editor

From: http://www.gamespot.com/news/dice-very-interested-in-battlefield-4-esports-6406280


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